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How Our Consulting Process Typically Works:


Free 15-Minute Consult

Schedule an initial free 15 minute consult to determine if an Assessment is recommended for your situation.



Our Therapeutic & Educational Consultant will conduct an in-depth Biopsychosocial Assessment of the relevant needs and challenges of your loved one.  Parents/Guardians attend their own Assessment to provide  information.  Youth/Young adults will participate in a separate Assessment as needed and when appropriate.  The Consultant will then inform you if they believe out-of home treatment is warranted.


Therapeutic & Educational Recommendations 

90 Day Contract

When more urgent stabilization is needed, your Therapeutic & Educational Consultant will make personalized recommendations for crisis stabilization, short-term programs or wilderness treatment programs that specifically treat your loved one's needs.  These recommendations are for comprehensive and clinically sophisticated programs we have personally vetted.


Therapeutic & Educational Recommendations. 

Year-long Contract

If urgent stabilization is not needed, or once it has occurred and further treatment is recommended, your Therapeutic & Educational Consultant will provide personalized recommendations for Long-Term treatment programs.  This may include, Therapeutic Boarding Schools, Residential Treatment Centers, Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs, Transitional Independent Living Programs or other Long-Term programs that are specifically aligned with your loved one's clinical profile.

These recommendations are for comprehensive and clinically sophisticated programs we have personally vetted.


Treatment Begins

Transport to out of home treatment is arranged and completed, your loved one begins their therapeutic work in a safe and therapeutic environment.  Parents/Guardians begin their own parallel process of therapeutic work.

Your Consultant will remain involved in monitoring your loved one's progress and will receive regular updates. Your Consultant is part of your support system and is available as a liaison for any questions/concerns/issues that may arise along the way.


The Return Home

The program believes your your loved one and your family has made significant progress and they are ready to return home.

Your Consultant will help you plan, prepare, and will provide recommendations for any relevant local outpatient services.

The biggest predictor of successful outcomes is parents/guardians engaging in a parallel process of change.

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